Instantly download these five financial documents absolutely free.

"This will help release more funds than ever before for ministry through increased generosity."

Carey Nieuwhof | Connexus Church  

Download These Five Documents And Use Them In Your Church.

Budget Worksheet

This is an excel file you can use to help frame your annual budget. It includes 4 pages with done for you formulas built in excel to give you an overview of where you stand each week. 

Finance Team Job Description

A job desceiption that can be used when searching for team members to add to your finance team Complete with a brief description, roles, and responsibilites.

Reimbursement Request Form

Printable reimbursement request form that can be used whenever vollunteers or staff make purchases personally for church purposes.

First Time Giver Form Letter

We've created a pre-written letter you can customize and mail or email to the first time givers in your church!

Purchase Order

Printable purchase order request form can be used whenever volunteers or staff need to make large purchases fo the church.

You'll get immediate access to these documents. Use as-is or customize them to work for your church. 

"These are time saving documents and idea-creating resources that are invaluable to my entire leadership team."

Charlie Swain | The Church at Cane Bay

Is This You...

Leading a church is so much more than preaching on Sunday. In addition to being a speaker, you’re a counselor, team-builder, event organizer, meeting runner, and spiritual guide. In addition, the responsibility of running a well-organized and well funded organization falls to you.  

We’ve been able to help thousands of pastors and church leaders with finances – from personal finances, to teaching people how to win with money, to raising significant capital. Our vision is to see your vision fully funded.  

Practical Help Is On The Way

If you’re like most of the pastors we serve, you’re looking to maximize your time and make the most impact. That means you’re constantly on the lookout for practical and time-saving help… things that you can put in place quickly. Join our email list today and we’ll send you these five financial documents. You can use them right away or save them for when you’re ready to take action.  

You'll get immediate access to these documents. Use as-is or customize them to work for your church. 

"As a bi-vocational pastor, I really appreciate these documents because sometimes I don't have the time to create one on my own."

Ricky Martin | Sanctuary of Praise Ministries



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