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The best way to grow regular giving at your church - coaching, resoures, and personal help.

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About Fully Funded

Fully Funded is a 16-module video course that will help you develop a plan to increase regular giving by 22% or more in your church. 16 modules of practical coaching - over 8 hours of HD video teaching - accompanied by 44+ documents and resources. 

"Connexus Church has utilized key principles taught by Fully Funded with tremendous results - especially in the area of increasing regular giving."

 Carey Nieuwhof- Connexus Church

Fully Funded Course Description

Module 1 

An Overview of the Grow Giving Process

Module 5 

Developing Your Fully Funded Plan

Module 9

Set Up the Offering Every Week

Module 13

How to Properly Leverage Online Giving

Module 2

Principles of Financial Leadership 

Module 6 

Clarify and Cast a Vision that Motivates People to Give

Module 10 

Help Your Congregation WIN with Money

Module 14

Giving Your Church a Giving Challenge

Module 3 

Where are you now and where are you going? 

Module 7 

A Money Message Series That Gets Results 

Module 11 

A Proven Thank You System for Givers 

Module 15 

A Budget Process You’ll Actually Enjoy

Module 4 

Setting the right Financial Goals

Module 8

Tools You Can Use to Increase Giving

Module 12 

Special Offerings that Work (and don’t kill regular giving)

Module 16 

A Systems Check Up to Help You Fine Tune 

"I've never received feedback like this from stewardship teaching in 40 years of preaching. We recently had the largest, non-special offering, ever in the history of the church!" 

Mike Stewart - First Christian Church Urbana

What You'll Receive

  • A Complete Funding Plan for your church
  • 16 Modules of Practical Coaching to help you lead a fully funded ministry.
  • 44+ Documents, Spreadsheets and Templates to help you organize and streamline your entire financial ministry.
  • Full access to Financial Consultants throughout each day
  • A Comprehensive Listening Guide detailing everything covered, so you can easily hare the content with your team
  • A money message series, complete with sermon transcripts, graphics, video and print collateral.
  • A renewed passion for what God is going to do through your church! 

Over $500 in Bonuses When You Sign Up

Fully Funded Calendar Planning Kit (24" x 36" Poster)

Copy of Streamline written by Fully Funded Co-Founder, Michael Lukaszewski) ($10 value)

Copy of Funded & Free (written by Fully Funded Co-Founder, Joseph Sangl) ($20 value)

Copy of Oxen (written by Fully Funded Co-Founder, Joseph Sangl) ($25 value)

I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Group Study Leader Kit (written and recorded by Fully Funded Co-Founder, Joseph Sangl) ($80 value) 

Two Free Tickets to Fully Funded Conference: November 16, 2017 (At Fully Funded HQ –Anderson, SC) ($198 value) where your team will be personally trained by the founders of Fully Funded

Church Fuel One Membership Free for 6 Months - Church Fuel One combines online coaching, proven resources, and a community of pastors ready to encourage you. ($270 Value)

"We made the goal to increase our overall giving by 22% and we are tracking to hit or exceed that goal by October (12 months)." 

Adrienne Johnson - Engage Church

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  • Email: craigf@fullyfunded.cc
  • Web: www.fullyfunded.cc

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Module 1 - Grow Giving Process

The first module is desinged to give you an overview of the entire process and understand the plan for the future. The goal here is to teach you the formula for growth then help you identify the team members to help put this process in place at your ministry.

Module 5 - Developing Your Fully Funded Plan

Many churches will plan how they are going to spend money but very few plan the income the church will bring in. This section is designed to show you how to plan a year in advance and focus on income instead of outgo.

Module 9 - Setting Up The Offering

Do you think if you didn’t practice your sermon it would be better than if you did? The overwhelming answer is no. Almost all of us practice and plan our church services, but do you plan your offering? We will provide you with a years worth of offering moments and show how to use them effectively

Module 13 - Leveraging Online Giving

Why is online giving so important? Consider this: What would happen if your church had to cancel a weekend of services? What about two weekends in a row? Online giving helps protect your church by providing a steadier, and more reliable, stream of giving income. We will share with you how to have the very best online giving page.

Module 2 - Principles of Financial Leadership

Each day people in your church are hearing where they should spend their money and what to do with their money. The best place for church members to hear about money is the church and what the bible says. This training aims to show you how to lead financially.

Module 6 - Casting Vision

The people in your church are begging for vision. You must communicate the why behind the what. Very few people in your church are fired up about funding the budget. Any what you do must have a clear why, or it will not be fully funded.

Module 10 - Financial Education

The church is a place where people should be able to come and gain a solid biblical financial education. We discuss the importance of offering financial education at your church and having a stewardship discipleship system.

Module 14 - Giving Challenge

Has your church ever issued a giving challenge? We are going to provide clarity on how to issue an effective giving challenge. Compete with messaging, 14 pre-written emails, challenge cards, and a system checkist for the church.

Module 3 - Measurement and Assessment

What gets measured gets your attention. We want to make data driven decisions. This module will show you the numbers you need to track and how to effectivly manage tracking and updating financial numbers at your church.

Module 7 - Money Message Series

When was the last time your church offered a money message series? Last month? 6 Months ago? 1 year? Never? As church financial consultants, we’ve heard it all when it comes to talking about money. In this module we provide you with a complete money message series.

Module 11 - Thanking Your Givers

Feeling thankful is not the same as saying thanks. This is a key point shared in this module. We have taken some time to breakdown the best ways for Pastors and church leaders to thank givers in their ministry.

Module 15 - Budgeting

A solid working budget will help your church become fully funded. Budgeting can be incredibly stressful in our personal lives. It can become even more challenging as you manage the money for an entire organization. We will share key principles of budgeting, practical ways to ensure that your budget works well for your church, and things churches commonly forget to put in the budget.

Module 4 - Setting Financial Goals

Imagine what it means for you church to be fully funded. What could you do to impact your community? The freedom you would have to listen to God and do what he says. This training help to identify goals for growth.

Module 8 - Tools To Increase Giving

We have to make it easy for people to give to our ministry, but on their terms. It’s a truth that when you make it easier for people to give, more people will give. Here we provide 3 starter tools to increase giving.

Module 12 - Special Offerings

Special offering, when utilized correctly, they can provide your church with the ability to do things you only dreamed of. We will provide you with all the tools to complete a special offering at your ministry.

Module 16 - Systems Check Up

Systems trump determination. After we've put systems in place need to be sure we are constantly checking our systems to make sure they are working. We will share how to do a system checkup and prepare for the next season in you church.